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EURIAL, the milk division of Agrial: 2nd largest French dairy cooperative group, 1st organic dairy cooperative.
4 855 milk producers
2.38 billion litres of milk collected (cow’s, goat and organic milk)
1.7 billion litres of milk processed
4000 employees
2.3 billion € turnover (of which 30% outside of France)
27 factories

Specialist for more than 20 years of milk fractionation, our mission is to support the strategic development of our customers in France and internationally thanks to a dedicated sales team and subsidiaries (Poland, Italy, Middle East).
Our technological expertise and industrial flexibility allow us to offer you a full range of nutritional and functional dairy ingredients for multiple applications:

  • Rennet casein for the manufacture of processed cheese and specialty foods
  • Whey in bakery
  • Milk proteins for yoghurts, milk-based desserts and fresh curd cheese
  • Whey proteins are a concentrate of proteins without fat especially interesting for specialist in nutrition (sport, senior…). These high added value products are very much in demand on the world market, especially in Asia.

An efficient research and development department: a dedicated team and an analytical expertise to find solutions tailored to your needs and advice you on all matters of standardized semi products for manufacturing, processing and upgrading you products.