Why choose the Eurial Ingredients & Nutrition range?

Eurial Ingredients & Nutrition offers a range of caseins and functional mixes which are ready to use in melting cheese and cheese analogue applications. They guarantee:

  • Consistent protein quality
  • Added functionalities: good elasticity and great for grating, melting and stretching properties

In order to meet your expectations, we also guarantee comprehensive and tailored technical support to make your product launch a success.

Our mixes for cheese analogue

Characteristics of a natural cheese

Used as a pizza cheese replacement or a topping, analogue pizza cheeses (such as those that use Eurimelt P3 or Eurial Ingredients & Nutrition caseins) provide sensory properties to meet market demand. They have a similar texture to mozzarella, and their neutral, slightly salty taste can be enhanced with cheese flavourings to satisfy consumer expectations.

pizza with mushrooms onions melting cheese

A simplified process

Manufacturing our cheese analogues requires little investment, either in terms of equipment or formulation. In fact it simplifies production processes:

  • Easier storage of dry ingredients: no liquid milk and no need to pre-cut cheese
  • The composition of the finished product is controlled from the start of manufacture, with no loss in yield, and no whey produced
  • No ripening
  • Flexible production
  • Economic solutions
Benefits of Eurial Products
  • Great for grating
  • Good melting and stretching properties
  • Cost optimisation
  • Easy process
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