Eurial Ingredients & Nutrition develops innovative solutions for the Health and Nutrition industries. The added value they provide allows you to stand out in these fast-growing and highly competitive markets.

Eurial Ingredients & Nutrition is constantly innovating, offering a variety of products for the many specialised sectors of the nutrition industry. All of these have their own objectives and regulatory constraints, as well as specific requirements in terms of the product matrices for development.

Our dedicated and experienced R&D team has a wealth of expertise in dairy technology and supports our customers with formulation and product development.

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EuriNutri™ native protein range for specialist nutrition

With a combination of different physical processes to protect nutritional quality, Eurial Ingredients & Nutrition offers high nutritional value proteins with:

  • Complete amino acid profile to deliver an optimum supply of essential amino acids, in particular the branched-chain amino acids (isoleucine, leucine, valine)
  • Excellent digestibility for the best possible bioavailability
  • A very specific process using membrane filtration technology at low temperature, preventing denaturation (absence of chemical and/or enzymatic treatment) and producing proteins of unrivalled quality

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The nutritional properties of Eurial Ingredients & Nutrition’s range of native milk proteins offer solutions to various challenges – from undernourishment to the need for a performance boost.  Meanwhile their functional properties facilitate their use in multiple processes and finished products (post-exercise recovery drink mix, protein-fortified water, protein bar, etc.)

The EuriNutri™ range offers dairy ingredients with high nutritional value for Clinical Nutrition, Sport Nutrition, Childhood Nutrition and Healthy Living.

Clinical Nutrition

Sports Nutrition

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