Undernourishment: a serious condition affecting vulnerable people

Loss of autonomy in old age, as well as some chronic illnesses, can increase the risk of undernourishment. In many cases, decline in food intake occurs at a time when nutritional needs, especially for protein and energy, are increased. This is referred to as protein-energy malnutrition. Research into effective strategies to eliminate this food deficit is a core concern of Clinical Nutrition.

EuriNutri: native proteins to meet the challenges created by undernourishment

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Nutritional benefits of the EuriNutri range

The native proteins in the EuriNutri range provide the ingredients necessary to meet the needs of people suffering from protein-energy malnutrition, while at the same time maintaining the pleasure of eating.

Directly derived from semi-skimmed milk using membrane technology at low temperature, our nutritional solutions — such as the WPC80 Native Regular native protein — boast an excellent amino acid profile, coupled with superior organoleptic qualities and good gelling and texturing properties.

In the EuriNutri range, the WPC80 Native Regular native protein is also a source of fast-digesting proteins that are rich in leucine. Leucine is an essential amino acid that promotes muscle protein synthesis. It is particularly needed by elderly people suffering from sarcopenia to help maintain their muscle mass.

A range of applications to rediscover the pleasure of eating

EuriNutri can be part of strategies to overcome protein-energy malnutrition in hospitalised patients, through a delicious diet formulation with high nutritional value.

Our functional mixes can make meals more interesting, improving taste and adding creaminess. They can be incorporated into applications including:

  • Milk-based beverages
  • Protein-fortified soups
  • Protein-fortified ready meals

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