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In their quest for healthy and active lifestyles, more and more people are taking part in sport and exercising regularly. This explains why protein-rich products (such as RTD and RTM beverages and high protein bars) are flooding the market.

Native proteins with high nutritional value

A source of essential amino acids

Milk proteins are a great source of amino acids for the body. Their nutritional properties make them the ideal choice for athletes, or anyone with an active lifestyle. Our range of native milk proteins has an essential amino acid content that is particularly beneficial for sporting activities: branched-chain amino acids or BCAA.

Capable of providing all essential amino acids

Dairy proteins are capable of providing all essential amino acids.  These are the building blocks of proteins that our bodies cannot synthesise and which must be provided through our diet.

Our range of native milk proteins is derived directly from skimmed milk, not from whey, as is often the case. This is thanks to a very specific process that uses a membrane filtration technology at low temperature (without chemical and/or enzymatic treatment). This is how we have created products such as EuriNutri™ 80 NS and EuriNutri™ 80 NS Instant.


Why choose Eurial I&N products in Sports Nutrition?

Our wide range offers something for every consumer

We offer products to help manufacturers meet the diverse nutritional needs of the many different consumers who take part in exercise:

  • Bodybuilders:
    Our EuriNutri™ range offers solutions for athletes looking to strengthen and add muscle mass.
  • Endurance athletes:
    EuriNutri™ 80 NS – a high nutritional value fast milk protein concentrate – helps promote post-exercise recovery in top athletes.
  • Amateur and occasional sportsmen and sportswomen:
    EuriNutri™ – various native milk protein profiles to suit individuals wanting to keep active, lose weight or stay healthy.

Hiking protein drink

A range of specialised applications

The multiple functionalities of our range of native proteins means they also provide technical solutions for a variety of industrial applications, and can be easily included in the manufacture of:

  • Food supplements
  • Ready-to-Drink and Ready-to-Mix beverages
  • Food products such as high-protein bars, pancakes, high-protein porridges, etc.
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