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In order to satisfy our customers’ needs, Eurial Ingredients & Nutrition innovates and offers a variety of products. This ensures that manufacturers the world over can guarantee the taste qualities and advanced functionalities required in their diverse applications.

Eurial Ingredients & Nutrition dairy ingredients: Support with reformulation

Eurial Ingredients & Nutrition offers dairy ingredient-based solutions that allow agri-food manufacturers to formulate and market food products that taste delicious and offer optimum nutritional quality.

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Improving the nutritional quality of agri-food products

Manufacturers operate in a complex environment where consumers are becoming more sceptical and more demanding. The ways in which we consume are changing rapidly due to mobile working, population ageing, and the desire for healthier lifestyles.

The big challenge is to cut the number of high-fat, high-sugar, nutritionally poor products on the market, while preserving the pleasure of eating.

The Eurial R&D team strives to constantly improve our range and offer innovative solutions. We focus on meeting your expectations and supporting your product development.

We monitor trends, listen to your needs and study your consumers’ expectations.

Adding value to the Health & Nutrition sector and meeting manufacturing challenges

  • Adding gelling, foaming, emulsifying, and stabilising properties
  • Adding dairy ingredients to improve the texture, stability and storage of finished products
  • Improving the taste and organoleptic properties of finished products whilst minimising costs
  • Reducing fat content
  • Providing clean label solutions and organic ingredients

Eurial Ingredients & Nutrition is your partner for product formulation thanks to the wide range of functional and nutritional ingredients we offer.

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Solutions for agri-food industry operators

Eurial Ingredients & Nutrition can help solve the reformulation challenges faced by manufacturers as they work to improve the nutritional quality of their products.

We offer a range of products in our EuriFood™ ranges that can help:

  • functionally (texture, storage, flavouring agent, etc.)
  • nutritionally (improving the quality of reformulated products by increasing protein, reducing, etc.)

Discover EuriFood™ range’s solutions through our concepts.


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Nutritional Improvement and Nutri-Score

Milk Proteins for Bread, Cakes & Pastries

Dairy Products

Clean Label

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