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Today’s consumers are people who are both consumers and active citizens. They place ever-higher expectations on their food. In search of pleasure, health, naturalness and authenticity, they are paying increasingly close attention to the ingredients used in the food they buy. This is how the Clean Label trend emerged.

« Dairy Proteins: the key to Clean Label? »

Looking for clean label and functional properties? Have you considered dairy proteins?

Europe’s clean label market is booming, with increasing numbers of new product launches carrying this claim.

Clean label goes beyond the substitution of artificial additives or the removal of controversial ingredients. It’s also about offering transparency (‘clear label’) and authenticity in order to reassure consumers and win their trust.

To get to the heart of the matter, we need to ask some questions: What is clean label? What does it mean to consumers? What does a product need to qualify as clean label? What solutions can be used to achieve it? In this webinar, we’ll explore answers to all of these.

At Eurial I&N, we understand the challenges and opportunities facing manufacturers today. There’s never been a better time to find out more about our dairy protein solutions and how they can meet your clean label needs.


What is Clean Label?

Clean Label is a concept almost exclusively used in the mainstream food supply. From the consumer’s point of view, calling a product Clean Label, is a guarantee of more naturalness, health and transparency in the production process. It is a philosophy adopted by food producers which enables people who want to take care of themselves and their health to achieve this very simply. It is also the best way for food producers to gain the trust of their consumers every day by investing more and more in positive and sincere communication.

It should be noted, however, that the concept of Clean Label is not one that is clearly defined either from a regulatory or from a scientific point of view.

This is why manufacturers must be inventive in order to validate the Clean Label concept. They can rely on several elements:



The Clean Label approach for a food producer

Clean Label is a generic industry term that allows both the implementation of product reformulation and communications. In order to validate a product as Clean Label, several steps can be followed.

In order to promote the naturalness of a product, one of the steps that the processor can take is to define a list of ingredients known to consumers. It is often said that a Clean Label product is formulated with ingredients that can be found in consumers’ kitchen cabinets. In taking the decision to offer a list of ingredients that the consumer knows, the manufacturer wanting to be part of a Clean Label approach must also remove the artificial ingredients. At the same time, it is also valuable to fortify your product with natural ingredients (superfoods, proteins, fruits and vegetables and so on).

The product resulting from this approach will be much better suited to needs of consumers in search of authenticity.

Apart from the product itself, there are other aspects of an enterprise that can be part of a Clean Label approach. These include – importantly – using production processes that respect the integrity of the product. More broadly, a company anchored in an environmental approach and which acts in favour of the preservation of the planet and what lives there, is better able to claim a Clean Label approach.


Finally, if we are to define the core values of a food processor with a Clean Label approach, we must  talk about transparency, ethics and authenticity.


Supporting our customers in improving their formulations and working side-by-side with them in their Clean Label approach is one of Eurial I&N’s ambitions.

To deliver this, our R&D team is working on protein solutions that allow us to replace certain food additives.


Eurial I&N expertise, listening to your Clean Label steps

Beyond simply substituting artificial additives or removing controversial ingredients, 42% of food launches in France are moving towards a global Clean Label approach.

From local ingredients to transparent manufacturing process: the keys to Clean Label’s success

Our milk, collected by the members of the Agrial cooperative, is of French origin. For Eurial, Agrial’s milk processing branch, the origin, the local provenance of our products and the proximity to our producers are vital assets. They are our strengths and they are what we rely on every day.

Our specialty ingredients, produced in our Herbignac and Moyon plants, come from milk or whey from casein or cheese production. Our process of extracting and concentrating proteins using filtration protects their integrity.

These local ingredients, produced in a transparent process, perfectly meet the requirements of Clean Label.

Our specialty ingredients: a Clean Label solution for the substitution of selected additives

In order to meet the growing demand from consumers and our industrial customers, the Eurial I&N teams are working to deliver transparency and sincerity. Supporting our customers in their Clean Label approach so that they can reassure their consumers and gain their trust is our driving force.

To this end, our specialty protein ingredients have been the subject of numerous scientific tests that have allowed us to characterize their exceptional functionality and compare them to additives or controls known for their effectiveness.

Here are some examples of Eurial I&N application concepts that can be optimized by removing additives from the recipe and making them compatible with Clean Label:


Our teams are at your disposal to help you optimize your formulations for a Clean Label approach.

To learn more and find out how we can support you, please contact us!

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