Our solutions // Our solutions for the food industry

Our solutions for the food industry

With its EuriFood ™ range, Eurial Ingredients & Nutrition is innovating and offering a variety of products intended for the food industry. The objective is that our customers can guarantee the taste qualities and the functionality of their products.

Our solutions for the food industry

Development of innovative solutions to set you apart

Eurial Ingredients & Nutrition dairy ingredients : Support with reformulation

Eurial Ingredients & Nutrition offers dairy ingredient-based solutions that allow agri-food manufacturers to formulate and market food products that taste delicious and offer optimum nutritional quality.

Improving the nutritional quality of agri-food products

Food manufacturers work in a complex environment characterized by demanding consumers. Consumption patterns are changing: the emergence of nomadism, the aging of the population, the search for a healthier lifestyle, with respect for the environment and while seeking pleasure … What a challenge!

The Eurial R&D team strives to constantly improve our range and offer innovative solutions. We focus on meeting your expectations and supporting your product development. We monitor trends, listen to your needs and study your consumers’ expectations.

Adding value to the Health & Nutrition sector and meeting manufacturing challenges

Solutions for agri-food industry operators

Eurial Ingredients & Nutrition can help solve the reformulation challenges faced by manufacturers as they work to improve the nutritional quality of their products.

We offer a range of products in our EuriFood™ ranges that can help :

Discover EuriFood™ range’s solutions through our concepts.

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Soluble native milk protein concentrate 80
Whey Protein Concentrate
Serigel™ is a whey protein concentrate derived from lactoserum.
Milk permeate powder is a co-product from the manufacture of whey protein using membrane processes.
Organic Ingredient
Organic 14% milk powder is an organic powder from semi-skimmed cow’s milk.
14% milk powder is a semi-skimmed cow’s milk powder that is obtained by evaporation and spray drying of pasteurised semi-skimmed milk.
Organic Ingredient
Organic 0% milk powder is obtained through the evaporation and spray drying of pasteurised organic skimmed cow’s milk.
0% milk powder is obtained through the evaporation and spray drying of pasteurised organic skimmed cow’s milk.
Whey Protein Concentrate
Eurimilk 60.1 is a functional solution based on milk proteins.
The main protein in milk, casein offers many functional properties.