Crunchy biscuits with dairy preparation for bakery

Functional Mixes

With market knowledge, development and formulation expertise, and proteins that offer multiple functionalities, Eurial Ingredients & Nutrition can offer a wide range of solutions for agri-food industry segments.

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Ingredients selected for their quality and functionalities

All our ingredients are derived from French milk, with full upstream traceability to guarantee high quality products. All our products are designed for optimal integration based on your specifications.
The ingredients that go into our mixes are selected for their  functionalitiy and ability to work synergistically:

  • Improving texture or organoleptic qualities
  • Cost optimisation
  • Protein fortification
  • Fat reduction

Customised solutions for specific applications


Formulation know-how

Thanks to our expertise in ingredients based on milk and whey and our knowledge of agri-food markets (processes, constraints and requirements), the R&D team at Eurial Ingredients & Nutrition has developed formulation know-how.

The team offers solutions for each segment (Yoghurts, bakery, cheeses, etc.) that can meet specific challenges (improving texture, taste, etc.) and even develop new applications in response to new trends (protein fortification, etc.).

From economic solutions to functional solutions

Our mixes are customised solutions that are ready to use and are mostly or wholly made from milk and whey-derived ingredients. As such, they offer functional and nutritional properties or economic benefits.
These mixes are easy to utilise in industrial processes specific to each segment.