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MPC (Milk Protein Concentrate)

Milk Protein Concentrates (MPCs) are milk concentrates containing between 40 and 85% protein. Due to their protein composition, these ingredients are of particular interest to the agri-food industry because of their wide range of functional properties.

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A composition that provides high nutritional and functional value

• Milk protein concentrate: The same Casein to Serum Protein ratio as milk.

Milk protein concentrate (MPC) is obtained directly from the concentration of skimmed milk through processes such as ultrafiltration. The concentrate is then dried and packaged.
The concentrate obtained as a result of this process retains the Casein to Serum Protein ratio of milk (80/20), is lower in lactose and has low residual fat content (skimmed milk).

• A process that preserves the functionalities and properties of the proteins.

Among the processes used to obtain milk protein concentrate, the most commonly used is ultrafiltration. This membrane process at low temperature protects the proteins from any denaturation. Eurial Ingredients & Nutrition’s milk proteins are derived from this innovative process, so they retain all of their functional and nutritional properties.
Depending on the concentration factor and the initial composition of the milk, we can offer a variety of MPCs for different applications and uses.

Different applications of MPC

Due to their different functional and nutritional properties, MPCs can enter a large number of Food and Nutrition applications:

Functional properties

  • Texturing: thickening, frothing and emulsifying properties
  • Solubility and dispersibility
  • Organoleptic (creaminess, body, milky taste)

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Nutritional properties

  • High protein content
  • Source of all essential amino acids
  • Excellent digestibility and bioavailability
  • Source of calcium
  • Low in lactose and fat
  • Proteins are not denatured


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