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Organic whole milk powder (26%)

Organic whole milk powder (26%) is a whole milk powder obtained from the evaporation and spray drying of pasteurised whole milk. It offers all the benefits of fresh whole milk in powder form.

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French origin
Suitable for vegetarians
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Kosher Products
Halal products
Our customers use it for:



  • Organoleptic quality improvement
    • Adds colour / browning to preparations through the Maillard reaction (Proteins & Lactose)
    • Provides a creamy texture in the mouth and a pleasant milky taste
  • Texture properties
    • Provides excellent texturing properties, making it useful in multiple applications, including beverages and sources

Product benefits

  • Pleasant milky taste
  • Fresh milk substitute
  • Easy storage and long shelf life (compared to fresh milk)
  • Can be used in a large number of food applications (desserts & yoghurts, bakery, cakes & castries, ready meals, etc)
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