milk powder for agro-food applications

Milk Powders

Milk powders are obtained from milk after concentration and drying by fragmentation. This process means that all the qualities of the milk are preserved and its use is facilitated in many applications.

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A range of milk powders for multiple applications

Benefits compared to fresh milk:

  • The qualities of fresh milk with long shelf life
  • Easier to store and work with
  • An economic solution compared to fresh milk

Different categories of milk powders:

Depending on the type of milk used (cow’s milk, goat’s milk, organic milk, etc.) and the fat content of the milk prior to drying (0%, 14% or 26%), the milk powders obtained will have complementary characteristics to meet the needs of the different segments of the agri-food industry (Yoghurts, Biscuits, Ready Meals, Chocolate, etc.).

Eurial milk powders

Made using French milk, the quality of our milk powders is consistent.
Thanks to its expertise, Eurial Ingredients & Nutrition offers a wide range of high quality milk powders for a range of applications.


  • Protein / dry matter standardisation
  • Economic solution
  • Contribution to the Maillard reaction: impact on taste and colouration
  • Organoleptic improvement: dairy taste, creaminess