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Meet us at FIE

30 november – 2 december 2021
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Hall 3.1 – Stand 31L162

At Eurial I&N, we work with companies that don’t stand still. And because we’re part of Agrial, a large cooperative, we can offer a wide choice of natural specialty ingredients with excellent nutritional value.

Find out how we can help you innovate!

[Video] – Discover our solutions adapted to Clean Label

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Our white papers

Clean Label

White paper “Clean Label & Improved Nutrition”

Going beyond simply substituting artificial additives or removing controversial ingredients, clean label aims to bring transparency (Clear Label) and authenticity to enable manufacturers to reassure consumers and win their trust.  


White paper “Fresh Dairy Products”

The yoghurt & dairy dessert segment is constantly refreshed by new recipes and flavours as trends evolve in response to all tastes and preferences

What’s new

EuriNutri™ 80 WPC

EuriNutri™ 80 WPC is a whey protein concentrate specially designed for the nutritional needs of sportsmen and women. It offers benefits before and after exercise.

EuriNutri™ 90 WPI

90% whey protein isolate with an excellent amino acid profile. EuriNutri™ 90 WPI is low in fat and lactose with optimal protein content, making it the ideal ingredient for sports nutrition regimes requiring minimal surgar intake.

EuriNutri™ 80 NS Instant

EuriNutri™ 80 NS Instant is a native protein directly derived from milk. With excellent properties such as wettability, dispersibility and solubility, this product is ideal as a blend in ready-to-mix drinks.


Eurimilk 60.1

Eurimilk 60.1 is a functional solution based on milk proteins. With emulsifying and texturing properties, it is ideal in high-protein yoghurt applications.

Our concepts


super brownie high in protein
I&N By Eurial is here to help you create high-protein brownies for sport nutrition, using EuriNutri™ 80 NS.


a high-protein dairy dessert
With Eurial I&N, you can finaly dream about a high-protein dairy dessert, with a perfect smooth & creamy texture as well as a delicious taste.


A high-protein tasty bite ​
Eurial I&N has formulated Snowballs – a healthy, convenient snack enriched with grass-fed, clean-label proteins.


High-protein skyr-style yoghurt
As this concept demonstrates, Eurimilk 60.1 can increase the protein content of your yogurt, while preserving its texture.


Protein enriched mug cake
Discover our delicious high-protein treat. It is perfect as a snack at any time of the day, or as a dessert.


High-protein bar
Discover our great-taste high-protein bar wich is perfect as an on-the-go convenient snack.
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