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Milk Proteins for Bread, Cakes & Pastries

Our range of BVP-specific ingredients help our customers to improve the texture of recipes while optimizing production costs. Our ingredients are all Clean Label to meet product reformulation needs.

Our functional solutions for the Bread, Cakes & Pastries industry

Ingredients adapted to the concepts

Our milk and whey proteins, such as whey powder, have unique functional and organoleptic properties. The impact is direct at the quality level, on the finished products:

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Optimise your costs without compromise

The ever-rising cost of raw materials in the Bread, Cakes & Pastries industry presents a challenge for manufacturers. How can you stick to your production budget without compromising on the functional and nutritional qualities of the product, or the end consumer’s enjoyment?

Our ingredients, such as our whey powder from cheese-making, allow you to optimise your costs.

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Healthy snack products for bakeries

Recent years have seen growing consumer demand for healthier snack foods. They are looking for:

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