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Our solutions for Nutrition

Eurial I&N, an expert in specialty ingredients, develops innovative solutions to enable nutrition players to differentiate themselves in very dynamic markets.

Nutrition: our solutions for the sports, infant andclinical nutrition markets

Eurial I&N is constantly innovating in order to offer an ever-widening range of ingredients for all sectors specialisedin nutrition. Our nutrition solutions adapt to different needs and are therefore aimed at all markets of specialised nutrition:

Our R&D team has extensive knowledge and in-depth expertise–in the nutrition market to provide our customers with support in their formulations and product developments. Eurial I&N, an expert in specialty ingredients, is a partner for food manufacturers’ in search of nutritional solutions. Find out how our dedicated R&D team can help you tackle the specialized nutrition industry.

Nutrition Solutions: Our range of native proteins for specialized nutrition

Thanks to a combination of different physical processes that preserve the nutritional quality of the components, Eurial I&N creates proteins with high nutritional value with:

Our range of nutritional solutions is made up of dairy ingredients with high nutritional value, ideal for formulating nutrition solutions. The nutritional properties of Eurial I&N native milk protein range supports product developments to:

In addition, their functional properties (texturisation, neutral taste, solubility, etc.) facilitate their use in finished processes and products such as:

With its many ingredients, Eurial I&N offers a range perfectly adapted to the needs of food manufacturers in the formulation of their products. To learn more about our nutrition solutions, please contact us.

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Whey protein isolate
EuriNutri™ 90 WPI whey protein isolates are extracted and concentrated using state-ofthe-art technology.
Whey protein concentrate
EuriNutri™ 80 WPC is a whey protein concentrate specially designed for the nutritional needs of sportsmen and women.
Whey protein isolate
EuriNutri™ 90 WPI Instant is a whey protein isolate with 90% protein content (on dry matter)
Whey Protein Concentrate
80% whey protein concentrate, from high-quality PDO cheese production.