Our concepts

Our concepts

The functionalities and nutritional appeal of our ingredients and solutions meet the needs of many concepts in the agri-food and specialist nutrition industries. Our R&D teams provide finished product concepts that allow customers to get the very best from our ingredients. For more information contact us !

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Seafood Products

Discover our egg white substitute ingredients for seafood applications.


Discover a delicious and crunchy meringue without egg.


Discover our protein enriched granola bar, a tasty snack for any occasion


Discover a creamy and stable carbonara sauce thanks to dairy proteins.


Discover our delicious pancake that is high in protein and reduced in fat.


Discover a great tasting, light and natural, whey protein isolate shake.


Discover our great-taste high-protein bar wich is perfect as an on-the-go convenient snack.


Discover our delicious high-protein treat. It is perfect as a snack at any time of the day, or as a dessert.


As this concept demonstrates, Eurimilk 60.1 can increase the protein content of your yogurt, while preserving its texture.


Eurial I&N has formulated Snowballs – a healthy, convenient snack enriched with grass-fed, clean-label proteins.


With Eurial I&N, you can finaly dream about a high-protein dairy dessert, with a perfect smooth & creamy texture as well as a delicious taste.


I&N By Eurial is here to help you create high-protein brownies for sport nutrition, using EuriNutri™ 80 NS.

Our tailor-made concepts