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Nutritional improvement

Nutritional improvement and Nutri-Score

The nutritional value of processed products is an important public health issue and an area of interest to consumers and governments across the world, as well as the food industry. The need for nutritional improvement has helped inspire both the Clean Label movement and government initiatives such as Nutri-Score.

The Nutri-Score: a central role for nutritional improvement

Nutri-Score, a simple, visual guide for consumers

Many countries are implementing initiatives to educate their populations and help food and beverage companies improve the nutritional quality of their products. In 2016, for example, the French government implemented Nutri-Score in an attempt to improve consumer understanding of nutritional labels.

Nutri-Score is a voluntary approach for any food manufacturer seeking to increase transparency and create healthier products. It aims to provide consumers with easy-to-understand information about nutritional quality.

The system works through a visible on-pack marker. It consists of a scale of five colors (dark green to dark orange) and five letters (A to E). A dark green product with a letter ‘A’ will have a higher nutritional quality than a dark orange one with a letter ‘E’. These indications help consumers decide which products to buy and how much of them to consume. It works on the basis that all products can be consumed as part of a balanced diet, provided that consumers respect the recommended quantities.

Nutri-Score: A headache for product developers?

Although simple and highly visible for consumers, Nutri-Score can be a real headache for product developers. Ratings are determined by quantity per 100g of “positive” ingredients (such as fiber, protein, fruits and vegetables) and negative ones (sugar, salt, saturated fatty acids and energy value). Food companies, of course, have to focus on factors such as taste and texture as well as nutritional quality.

It is important to note that Nutri-Score does not replace the nutritional information already displayed on product packaging: it is an additional measure to help consumers make healthier choices. Furthermore, the system works differently for different categories: there are four methods of calculating Nutri-Score, based on specific criteria in:

Nutritional improvement and the creation of a new market

The incentive to improve nutritional quality has led to the emergence of a new market. By helping manufacturers formulate healthier products and making it easier for consumers to make informed choices, the push for nutritional improvement has sparked innovation and economic development.

Nutri-Score and Clean Label, along with well recognized claims such as “low fat” or “high fiber”, are all routes through which food companies can develop new solutions.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the chain, apps that help consumers choose the right product for their needs are flourishing. Yuka, which has 12 million users, is at the forefront but many others are appearing. They include System U’s supermarket app Y’A Quoi dedans (‘What’s in it?’) as well as others created by communities of consumers, such as “Open Food Facts”. These initiatives have become a quick and simple way for people to recognize and reward products and companies engaged in nutritional improvement.

Nutritional Improvement, Nutri-Score and Clean Label: Eurial I&N’s commitment

At Eurial I&N we’re committed to helping our customers meet the needs of this growing market by improving the nutritional quality of their products. Our milk, which is of French origin, is collected by the members of our Agrial cooperative as part of a transparent supply chain. Our process of extracting and concentrating proteins is non-denaturing and meets the requirements of Clean Label.


Always guided by the goal of nutritional improvement, our specialty ingredients are all scientifically tested. We also compare them to various food additives to ensure that they can be used to replace them. The functional properties of our specialty proteins allow our customers to improve the Nutri-Scores of their products by increasing protein levels as well as removing less popular ingredients. They do so while preserving taste and texture.

The Eurial I&N team understands the importance of nutritional improvement strategies. We’re committed to supporting manufacturers who want to be part of the growing movement towards transparency and authenticity.

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