Eurimilk 60.1
Greek Yoghurt

Eurimilk 60.1

Eurimilk 60.1 is a functional solution based on milk proteins. With emulsifying and texturing properties, it is ideal in multiple applications, including dairy products, bread, cakes and pastries and sauces. Thanks to its 60% protein content, Eurimilk 60.1 is perfect for high-protein yoghurt applications.

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Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

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French origin
Suitable for vegetarians
Halal products


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Milk permeate powder is a co-product from the manufacture of whey protein using membrane processes.
14% milk powder is a semi-skimmed cow’s milk powder that is obtained by evaporation and spray drying of pasteurised semi-skimmed milk.
0% milk powder is obtained through the evaporation and spray drying of pasteurised organic skimmed cow’s milk.