This statement related to the protection of personal data (“the Statement”) aims at explaining how we collect your personal data through our various channels (such as our websites, stores, customer relation centres, etc.), within the Agrial Group (made up of the Agrial Cooperative and its subsidiaries or affiliate companies, all known together as the “Agrial Group”). It also contains information on the type of data collected, how and why we treat the data, in order to ensure that its use suits your needs in the best possible way.
This statement therefore applies to the owner of this website.
For the purpose of the Privacy and Cookies Statement, the terms below are defined as follow:

  • “We” or “Us”: refers to any company of the Agrial Group which may collect or process your personal data and cookies, and its service providers located in France or abroad.
  • “You”: refers to any user of the Services of the Agrial Group, whether for a fee or not.

1. Our commitment for the protection of personal data

  • We endeavour to only collect the personal data required for the processing and uses intended and for the purposes described in this Statement;
  • If the conservation of your data is not compulsory and if it is no longer required for processing personal data, we will ensure its destruction;
  • We respect your rights to privacy and we undertake not to sell your data;
  • We aim to be transparent regarding our use of your personal data;
  • Please note that some data may be compulsory in order for you to have access to certain Services. However, there is no obligation to provide us with the personal data that we request.

2. How do we collect your personal data?

We collect your data through all digital means; our websites, the pages devoted to the goods or brands of the Agrial Group on the internet or on social media, electronic communications or your interactions with the banner advertisements of the brands of the Agrial Group. All of your contacts with our Customer Services departments also enable us to collect information about you. We collect certain data by using cookies in order to have a better understanding of your browsing patterns and actions on our websites. In other cases, you communicate your information to us directly when you contact us, when you make a purchase on our websites, during in-store activities, in trade fairs, by completing offline registration forms or by taking part in market surveys.

3. Which personal data do we collect?

We can collect various types of information from you, which differ according to the purposes, as described below, depending on your mode of interaction and communication with the Agrial Group (online, offline, telephone, etc.):

  • Personal and demographic details including: surname, first name, gender, email address, date of birth, postal address, telephone number, places of residence;
  • Technical information on the devices that you use for accessing our websites or applications such as the operating system and the Internet Protocol (IP) address;
  • Data related to your use on our websites / applications: last website visited, pages consulted, advertisements on which you have clicked;
  • Information that you share directly with us on your experience as a consumer (market surveys, content shared on social media or on one of our websites)
  • Financial and payment data, which we require for carrying out an order
  • Telephone interactions between You and our Consumer Services departments
  • Interactions between You and Us during trade fairs

We have no reason to collect or process sensitive personal data (e.g. health data) in relation to our regular commercial activities.

4. What is the policy of the Agrial Group regarding children’s personal data?

We believe that it is extremely important to protect the privacy of children when accessing the internet, and we encourage parents or guardians to spend time with them to take part in and supervise their online activities.
On some of our websites, access to the website and/or the creation of an account are reserved for persons over 18 years old.
You should therefore ensure that your children do not give their personal data or your personal data on the internet without your prior authorisation. Indeed, any person under 18 years old may only communicate their personal data through a parent or guardian with their specific consent. You are entitled to check, amend or erase personal data about your child at any time. You may also request the erasure of the data related to your child by sending a letter to the address given in the contacts section indicated in Question 9 – “What are your rights and how can you use them?” ».

5. What do we do with your personal data?

Please find below, in the table, the purposes sought by the Agrial Group when collecting and processing your personal data, along with the various types of personal data collected for each purpose. Please note that certain persons may not be affected by some of the uses listed below.

6. Does the Agrial Group disclose your personal data and why?

When we are required to share your data with our various websites within the Agrial Group or with other structures (such as service providers), we ensure that these organisations also have a safety policy to protect your data.

As set forth in “1. Our commitment for the protection of personal data”, your personal data will not be shared, sold, rented or disclosed for purposes other than those described in the Statement. In this respect, unless you have given your consent, we will not sell your personal data to third-party firms for their own marketing purposes. However, it is possible that your data will be communicated if required, for example, by the law or state authorities. In the event of a transfer of activity from the Agrial Group to another company, the legal transferee will have access to the data held by the transferor entity and therefore to some of your personal data.

7. How long do we keep your personal data?

Your personal data will only be kept by the Agrial Group for the period reasonably required for the purposes described in this Statement. The criteria that we use for defining the periods of conservation of your personal data are as follows:

  • The Agrial Group will keep your personal data in a format that enables your identification throughout the period of your participation in a loyalty scheme or special offer or throughout the whole term of our contractual relations;
  • If you contact us with a request, we will keep your personal data throughout the period required for processing your request;
  • If you create an account, we will keep your personal data until you ask us to erase it or until the end of a period of inactivity (no active interaction with the brands) defined in accordance with local regulations and instructions.

Your personal data may however be kept for longer as part of specific legal obligations or in light of the legal limitation period applicable.

Beyond the periods of conservation indicated above, your personal data will either be erased from all of Agrial’s databases in a safe way, or made anonymous.

8. How does Agrial protect, store and transfer your personal data?

We use all technical and organisational measures required in order to guarantee the confidentiality and security of your personal data. Please note however that these measures do not affect the information that you choose to share in public, in particular on third-party social media.

As regards your financial data, we apply the industry’s standards in terms of protection and we respect the legal obligations. Your information is encrypted when you make online purchases on our websites.

You may also help us to guarantee the protection of your data by using the confidentiality settings of our websites, by choosing a complicated password for your connection and by being careful when connecting to your account on a public device.

The storage and processing of your personal data requires that your personal data be transferred, at a certain time, and stored in a country other than your country of residence. The personal data may be processed outside of the European Economic Area (EEA). If this is the case, the Agrial Group will endeavour to ensure that this international transfer of data is performed with the appropriate level and guarantee of security. The guarantees that we use to protect the international transfers of data include (i) standard contractual clauses validated by the European Commission, (ii) certification mechanisms to establish that the third parties located outside of the EEA process the personal data in a way that complies with the Regulations.

9. What are your rights and your choices; how can you use them?

It is important for us that you may use your rights and make the most informed choices possible, as regards the personal data that you communicate to us.

In the following table, “you” refers to: “yourself, your descendants, representatives and/or agents”

You may use these rights as indicated in the relevant pages of this website.

We will ask you to enclose a copy of your ID card or any other proof of identity, with your request. If the request is submitted by someone other than you, without any proof that the request is legally made in your name, it will be rejected.

Please note that any information communicated to us will only be processed in compliance with and as authorised by the laws in force.

We will process and analyse any claim related to the way in which we manage your personal data (including a claim indicating that we have infringed your rights according to the laws applicable on protecting privacy).

10. Amendments made to our Privacy Statement

In the event of an amendment in the way in which we manage and process your personal data, we will update this Statement. We reserve the right to amend our methods and this Statement at any time. Please check the presence of updates or amendments to our Statement, on a regular basis.

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