Healthy living

Nutrition in support of healthy living In search of a healthy and active lifestyle, more and more people are playing sports or exercising regularly. Physical activity is a great way to stay healthy and reduces risk factors for chronic diseases. This growing trend is embraced by more and more people with very different profiles – […]

Muscle Strengthening

See also After Exercise, Recovery Regular physical exercise of any kind increases the need for dietary protein. Therefore, adjusting protein intake is crucial for athletes to: compensate for losses of amino acids following strenuous muscle exertion. The micro tears caused by exercise must be repaired for the muscle to rebuild. enable them to develop muscle […]

After Exercise, Recovery

See also Muscle Strengthening Why proteins? Whatever the sporting activity, nutritionists believe that the recovery period immediately after training is key.<br> Several scientific studies conducted since the 2000s have shown the value of consuming proteins and carbohydrates simultaneously for good recovery post-exercise. This combination promotes both glycogen and protein synthesis, helping rebuild energy reserves and […]

Sport Performance Nutrition

See also After Exercise, Recovery See also Muscle Strengthening White paper “Sports performance nutrition” Find out more about the latest trends, and the role of whey proteins in the formulation of products for sports and active nutrition. Download white paper White paper “Native proteins” Native whey proteins: Meeting the needs of both consumers and manufacturers. […]

Infant nutrition

Eurial I&N: expertise in infant nutrition Eurial I&N has been active in the world of infant nutrition for many years, both in France and internationally, particularly in Asia. The reasons for our success ? We focus on the quality of our products and our processes, ensuring the safety of our teams, our production and our […]


Sarcopenia: a major public health issue among the elderly, linked to changing nutritional needs  Prevalence of sarcopenia Worldwide, 5 to 25% of people between 60 and 70 years of age are affected by sarcopenia. This proportion reaches 30 to 50% for people aged over 80 years old (*2). What is sarcopenia?  The loss of muscle […]

Healthy aging and senior nutrition

See also Sarcopenia The different profiles of seniors and their need to age well By 2030, there will be nearly 1.4 billion people over the age of 60 worldwide (1). With longer Life expectancy, advances in healthcare and changes in lifestyles, the “senior” category includes several sub-categories of consumers. Seniors include both people with an […]