Milk Desserts

Fermented milks are available all over the world in different formats to meet consumer expectations. Our range of protein-fortified dairy preparations for desserts offers functional solutions to use in the development of any type of yoghurt or milk dessert by working on their taste, texture and nutritional profile.

Dairy preparations for a range of applications

The functional and nutritional properties of our dairy preparations for milk desserts and yoghurts make them ideal for a wide range of applications in the food industry and for specialized nutrition:

For the food industry

In the form of dessert cream to accompany cakes, or as a sauce for culinary preparations, the functional properties of our proteins improve organoleptic properties for creamy taste and mouthfeel.

For specialized nutrition

In order to provide additional protein, our preparations can be integrated into high protein yoghurts, such as Greek or skyr. This can compensate for lack of protein and energy in vulnerable groups such as hospital patients.

Eurial I&N solutions for dairy desserts

Combine taste pleasure and a healthier diet

Milk desserts are at the heart of the healthy snacking trend. Consumers are increasingly turning to healthier diets with Clean Label ingredients.

Proteins with functional and nutritional properties

Eurial I&N adapts to consumer and manufacturer demands and offers: