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Native Milk Proteins

Native milk proteins are caseins and soluble proteins extracted directly from milk in a way that means they retain all of their original properties. This can be achieved using membrane filtration technologies, such as microfiltration and ultrafiltration, which make it possible to extract the proteins at a low temperature to…

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Eurial Ingredients & Nutrition produces high-quality native milk proteins using the very latest membrane filtration technologies. Our product range includes both pure soluble proteins and proteins with a casein-to-soluble-protein ratio that is identical to that found in fresh milk. After extraction, our native milk proteins are dried and packed at the required concentration ready for shipping.

Native milk proteins supplied by Eurial Ingredients & Nutrition retain all of their intrinsic functional and nutritional properties. Depending on the level of concentration required, and the original composition of the milk, we can offer a wide range of milk protein concentrates suitable for different uses.

Flexible solutions

Our native milk proteins can be used in a number of different food and nutrition applications and offer a variety of benefits:


Milk dessert with cottage cheese, blueberries and muesli

Functional properties

  • Texturizing: thickening, foaming and emulsifying
  • Enhanced solubility and dispersibility
  • Improved organoleptic qualities: creaminess, body, milky taste

Nutritional properties

  • High protein content
  • Source of all essential amino acids
  • Excellent digestibility and bioavailability
  • Source of calcium
  • Low in lactose and fat
  • No denaturation

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