See also Milk Desserts See also Melting Cheese and Cheese Analogue Solutions White paper “Fresh dairy products” The yoghurt & dairy dessert segment is constantly refreshed bynew recipes and flavours. Discover our solutions for yoghurts and dairy desserts. Download white paper Yoghurts and milk desserts: a world of varieties Traditionally set or stirred, yoghurt comes […]

Melting Cheese and Cheese Analogue Solutions

See also Milk Desserts See also Yoghurts Why choose the Eurial I&N range? Eurial I&N offers a range of caseins and functional mixes which are ready to use in melting cheese and cheese analogue applications. They guarantee: Consistent protein quality Added functionalities: good elasticity and great for grating, melting and stretching properties In order to […]

Milk Desserts

See also Melting Cheese and Cheese Analogue Solutions See also Yoghurts Dairy preparations for a range of applications The functional and nutritional properties of our dairy preparations for milk desserts and yoghurts make them ideal for a wide range of applications in the food industry and for specialized nutrition: For the food industry In the […]

Dairy Products

See also Milk Desserts See also Melting Cheese and Cheese Analogue Solutions See also Yoghurts Added functionalities for diverse applications Nutritional and functional roles of proteins The consumption of dairy products has been heavily influenced by new nutrition and health trends. Consumers want products that are nutritionally balanced, and which suit active lifestyles, as well […]

Milk Proteins for Bread, Cakes & Pastries

Our functional solutions for the Bread, Cakes & Pastries industry Ingredients adapted to the concepts Our milk and whey proteins, such as whey powder, have unique functional and organoleptic properties. The impact is direct at the quality level, on the finished products: Brioches and Madeleines: an airy texture and increased volume Biscuits and Cookies: a […]

Clean Label

White paper “Clean Label” Bring transparency and authenticity to enable manufacturers to reassure consumers.  Download white paper Clean Label – have you thought about dairy proteins? Looking for Clean Label texturing solutions? Discover the benefits of dairy proteins. In Europe, the market is booming with an increase in launches of Clean Label products. Beyond the […]

Nutritional improvement and Nutri-Score

The Nutri-Score: a central role for nutritional improvement Nutri-Score, a simple, visual guide for consumers Many countries are implementing initiatives to educate their populations and help food and beverage companies improve the nutritional quality of their products. In 2016, for example, the French government implemented Nutri-Score in an attempt to improve consumer understanding of nutritional […]

Our solutions for the food industry

Our solutions for the food industry Development of innovative solutions to set you apart Providing solutions for the food industry Eurial I&N supports its customers in the formulation of their products and offers a wide range of functional and nutritional ingredients. We can propose solutions for the food industry which are: Functional (improved texture, better […]