Crunchy biscuits with dairy preparation for bakery

Milk permeate powder

Milk permeate powder is a co-product from the manufacture of whey protein using membrane processes. It is made up of lactose and minerals.

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French origin
Suitable for vegetarians
Halal products
Our customers use it for:
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Chocolate & Confectionery
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Ready Meals



  • An easily incorporated bulking agent
  • Coloration (Maillard reaction)
  • Helps to standardise protein and dry matter content
  • Acts as a flavour carrier
  • Helps to reduce costs

Product benefits

  • Reduced hygroscopicity
  • Free-flowing
  • Slightly salty, dairy flavour
  • Delicate, pleasant smell
  • Ideal for applications in confectionery, beverages or ready meals

Since 1995, whey powder has been defined by Codex STAN 289-1995.

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