Eurial Ingredients & Nutrition offers a wide range of liquid ingredients:

  • Protein concentrates: After undergoing cold vector ultrafiltration, this milk exhibits a high protein concentration and thus retains all its functional qualities, including its suitability for cheese-making.
  • Concentrated milks: Concentrated milks: Concentrated by evaporation under a partial vacuum, our skimmed and whole milks are standardised to the required dry matter content.
  • Fermented milks and liquid yoghurts: Our “ingredient” fermented milks and yoghurts can adjust the protein and fat content of recipes according to our customers’ needs.
  • Thick yoghurts and fromage blancs: We offer a range of yoghurts and fromage blancs. Our yoghurt ingredient bases are available in thick to extra thick textures, and as Greek style, fromage blanc, or as bases with additives or seasonings. All products come pre-measured.

All our ingredients are available in differents packagings (container & bag)


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